300 S Broadway Plans Amended

Developer Bamboo Equity Partners is moving forward quickly with their plans to redevelop the historic 300 S Broadway building just adjacent to the quickly-growing Ballpark Village. The building has seen a host of proposals, even a skyscraper concept that would be one of the tallest buildings in St. Louis if completed.

Featured Photo Credit: Bamboo Equity Partners

While the more flashy skyscraper proposal, created by HDA Architects, did not move forward, Bamboo Equity Partners decided to maintain the historic brick façade and renovate the vacant structure into ballpark adjacent apartments. Downtown’s residential population has steadily been growing over the past decade, with sky-high occupancy and multiple new multifamily projects either under construction or just proposed. Cordish’s One Cardinal Way is nearly 90% occupied just down the street, and it seems as though Bamboo Equity Partners saw value in being just next to a National Park, the Cardinals’, and the entertainment venues at Ballpark Village.

While their initial plans for the building included a penthouse addition to the roof of 300 S. Broadway with views into Busch Stadium, just revised plans amended the rooftop to be a smaller lounge and outdoor amenity space for all residents. However, some urbanists are disappointed that Bamboo Equity Partners appears to have scrapped their plans for ground-floor retail, opting instead for apartments directly on Broadway. For a development in the heart of Downtown and right next to Ballpark Village, this may be a missed opportunity, one albeit that may represent the new retail environment created by COVID-19.

“Penthouse addition with apartments and bleachers scrapped per plans posted on the SLDC planroom. Club room and terrace remains. Also interesting to note, the first floor will feature apartments facing Broadway. “

Chris Stritzel summarizing the latest updates from the SLDC Planroom – 3/3/2021

Regardless, this will likely still be a huge benefit for Downtown St. Louis, which has over the past few years chipped away steadily at the abandoned buildings that grace its skyline. Combined with other recent projects like the Jefferson Arms renovation and the incredible progress along Washington Avenue, Downtown may just run out of abandoned buildings in the not too distant future to rehabilitate. Moreover, this will contribute to the day and nighttime populations in the city’s urban core, helping provide stability to neighboring businesses. We hope that ground-floor retail may make a return sometime, but this will still be an excellent place for residents with the incredible amount of amenities nearby.

Map View of 300 S. Broadway from Google Maps

Featured Photo Credit: Bamboo Equity Partners

300 S. Broadway to be Redeveloped

300 S. Broadway, located just next to Busch Stadium, is one of the few office buildings still sitting vacant in Downtown St. Louis. Those who have been following development in the city know that the site has seen its fair share of excitement, ups and downs, and proposals. Unfortunately, none of them have been able to revive the storied location. It seems that in the wake of the nearly completed BPV Phase II development, that may finally change.

The last major development proposal for the site left enthusiasts thrilled and historians disappointed, as the proposed apartment tower would not seek to save the historic structure. The project, proposed by HDA Architects and White Oak Realty Partners, would demolish the base for an entirely new structure. The historic structure below would all but disappear, and be replaced by the following renderings.

Photo sourced from Google Maps Street View
300 South Broadway
Photo Provided by STL Post Dispatch
Rendering of the proposed 300 South Broadway apartments
Photo Provided by STL Post Dispatch

The proposed tower would rise to 33 stories and have views looking toward the Arch and inside the stadium, much like the nearly completed One Cardinal Way tower. If this project had persisted and been approved, Downtown would have seen two modern residential high rises under construction and completed at approximately the same time, representing an unprecedented level of development in Downtown. While One Cardinal Way and the rest of Ballpark Village Phase II look like wonderful additions to the city, as I covered earlier, this would have been something truly phenomenal.

The good news is that another development is supposedly on the way. There are not any renderings available yet, but Chris Stritzel (author of CityScene STL) has indicated that plans may appear in the next few weeks. Bamboo Equity Partners has completed their $3.6 million acquisition of 300 S. Broadway.

“This was a once in a lifetime deal to be next to one of the most iconic stadiums in the world,” Bamboo founder and Managing Principal Dan Dokovic said. “Cardinals baseball is a religion here and to get the opportunity to be this close … that’s what excites us.”

Notably, Dan continued that the historic structure would remain in the upcoming plans.

“There’s no reason to tear down the building. It’s beautiful,” Dokovic said.

Although not many details have been revealed, Chris has detailed that it is likely there will be enough height in the proposal to look into the stadium, and that the project will be mixed use. That likely means that the building will add several floors, preserving the historic structure, and probably include residential and commercial units. While we don’t know what this will look like, or if it will match the level of excitement seen with the former proposal, this could be a huge step forward for Downtown.

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