Missouri Metro & Brian Adler

Thank you for visiting Missouri Metro for the latest in Missouri Economic Development.

I’ve been a resident of St. Louis for 5 years, having moved to the Midwest from Los Angeles, CA where I was born and raised. I had the pleasure of attending Washington University in St. Louis, where I completed a primary major in Political Science and a secondary major in Business. After graduating from WashU, I completed a brief stint with a local consulting firm before joining a Presidential Campaign in Iowa, and then began my Master of Public Policy Administration at UMSL.

Having worked for Rep. Lacy Clay, State Rep. Mackey, and a Senator running for President, I am excited to leverage my experience and industry connections to inform Missouri Residents on the latest developments in their communities. As a current licensed real estate agent and multifamily residential investor, I have witnessed firsthand the many economic changes we’re seeing. I hope to increase awareness of the political, cultural, and economic ramifications and benefits of the incredible development we’re seeing in our two largest metropolitan areas, St. Louis and Kansas City.

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